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How many times have you heard your child complain about having to read? Do you hear things like – “Reading is boring,” “I just don’t like to read,” or “I don’t want to read”?  It can be hard to get your child interested in reading, but it can be done. Here are some tips to show your child that reading can be more than just work.  It can be fun and exciting!

Read to your child

Although you can read to your child any time, I have found that right before bed is one of the best times.  Your child tends to be calmer and more ready to listen. Choosing a book slightly above their reading level will also help improve their vocabulary.  Keep them interested in the story by having fun with the book.  Read different characters in funny voices, ask them questions about the story, and stop at climactic moments (cliffhangers).  Most children love to be read to, and they will beg you to keep reading!

Choose the right books

It can be hard to pick out books that your child will read (especially if they don’t enjoy reading).  A few tips can make it easier to find the right books.

  1. Choose the correct level – A book that is too hard can discourage a child, but a book that is too simple can be uninteresting.  The Scholastic books website has a great feature that allows you to search for a book.  It then will give you the reading level of the book.
  2. Choose the correct subject – Finding a topic your child is interested in can be crucial to encouraging reading.  Think about what your child likes to pretend, play with, or watch on television.  Then visit your local library to borrow books on those subjects.  Chances are they will be more willing to read the books if they like what the booksare about.
  3. Choose the right type of book – Any reading will help your child.  If they like to read novels, let them.  If they gravitate toward nonfiction books, encourage it.  Even age appropriate magazines make great reading material for your child.

Reading on your own

Children who see their parents reading tend to be more inclined to read themselves.  Get a book that you are interested in and spend at least 10 to 15 minutes reading every day.  If they see that you like to read, they may realize that reading is not just a school activity.

Help your child lose the mindset that reading is boring.  Read on your own, read to them, and choose interesting books.

What else do you do to interest your child in reading?

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