Making Time to Read Aloud to Your Child

In today’s modern society, schedules are so busy.  Whether parents are both working full time jobs, one parent is playing the role of two, or activities like swimming lessons and guitar practice take over your daily routines, it is very important to make time to read aloud to your child.  This may mean that you have to get creative with the time that you read aloud with your child or how you read aloud to your child.  It doesn’t have to be a ritual that you only do right before bedtime.

Making Time to Read Aloud to Your Child

One creative solution is to read aloud with your child over breakfast.  As they are eating, it would be easy to cover a chapter in a book.  Then, on the drive to school or even over the dinner table you can discuss what you read earlier in the day.

If you find yourself traveling in the car a lot with your child, you might find that audio books are a great alternative.  This way, another individual narrates that story, but you are both listening and can still reap the benefits of reading aloud and being able to discuss the story.

Lastly, you can always forgo 30 minutes of TV time at night in order to read with your child.  Reading with your child is a much more memorable, educational, and meaningful than watching a television show.  Also, making this change in your house will allow you to “disconnect” with technology and connect with each other for at least 30 minutes each night.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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