Mercer Mayer & Little Critter

Mercer Mayer is a popular children’s author and illustrator of the Little Critter series.  His books are based upon Mercer Mayer’s real life adventures told through “Little Critter.”  His stories are well-illustrated, fun, and have a splash of whimsy.  They are great books to read with your pre-school and early elementary –aged child.

Mercer Mayer & Little Critter

The topics of his books are also great for this age group as they cover popular topics like colors, abc’s, fairy tales, holidays, and everyday activities like going to the dentist.  This series of books would be great for home reading time both together and independently by your child.

Another great aspect of Little Critter is that there are many connections that your child can make with the stories and technology.  Mercer Mayer’s website has interactive games, coloring pages, sing-a-longs, interactive read and paly stories, along with other activities.  He also has over a dozen eBook apps that incorporate his stories with other features like highlighting words as you read along, professional narration, and user-based voice-over recording.

Mercer Mayer also has a You Tube Channel.  On his Channel, you can see the different things that he subscribes to in YouTube along with all of his video posts.  He posted many of his stories in video format with animations and voice-overs to bring his stories to life.

As you are reading keep an eye out for the hidden critters on the page.  Each page of his story has a hidden cricket/grasshopper/mouse/spider in the illustrations!

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

Photo By fredericknoronha

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