Modeling Reading at Home – Fall into Reading

One way to get back into the routine of reading at home is by modeling reading to your children. When you are at home, instead of watching T.V. or running around doing chores, it is important to take time to sit down and read. If your children are asked to keep a reading log for school, it is typically for 20-30 minutes a night. Setting aside this time for family reading will stress the importance of this activity.

You can model reading in a variety of ways. You can read the newspaper, online news sources, or a book. You could read silently, each person alone or you could read aloud as a family. When modeling for older children, it would be fun (and informative) to read books that they might like to read. This way you get a preview of the appropriateness of the book for your child as well as sharing a common interest with your child.

Read a Recipe

Another way that you could model reading is by having your children help you to read a recipe for a meal that you plan to make for the family. This way, they get both reading practice for comprehension and fluency as well as math skills when they help prepare the food!

Modeling reading at home can help you to get back into the reading habit for the school year. How do you model reading at home?

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