More Fun with Sight Word Games and Activities

Learning sight words can be made more fun through games and activities.  They provide an active, hands-on approach to learning, which makes it more engaging thus allowing children to learn and remember better.

Sight Words with Dominos

One sight word game you can play is sight word dominoes.  Instead of using dots on the tiles, you use sight words to create your “dominoes.” Here are the directions to build and play this game.  The game dominoes can also be used in a variety of other games including matching and creating a race to see who can match the most first.  When playing this or any sight word game, make sure you are saying and spelling the word as well as using it in context, so children are able to connect the spoken word, with the written word.

Fun Summer Sight Word Game

A fun summer sight word game to play outdoors is to make sight word water balloons.   After creating the water balloons, you write the sight words on them with marker.  You can then use them in various ways.  You can have your children toss the balloon back and forth saying the word each time and then take one step back until the balloon breaks.  Or you could have them say and spell the word and then have them aim it into a matching colored bucket or hula-hoop.  I’m sure the possibilities and fun are endless with this sight words activity.

There are so many different sight word games and activities that you can do, too many to include in just this article.

What are you favorite games or activities to teach sight words at home?

Look for the last post later this week on practicing sight words through reading books and singing songs.

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