Non-Fiction eBooks Come to Life (day 3)

In addition to eBooks that are fictional stories, there are interactive eBooks about non-fiction material that are great for upper elementary aged children.  One example is Man in Space.  This book celebrates the 50 years of the space program.  It would be a great read for children who are interested in space or are learning about space in school.  It is also an excellent starting point for children that are doing research for a project.  Content includes information about the various space flights, crews, spacecraft, and missions.

Non-Fiction eBooks Come to Life (day 3)

The interactive elements make it even more engaging.  Elements include video links, the ability to tap and rotate views of various space craft and the moon, photo galleries, and interactive diagrams like timelines.  In addition the book is very easy to navigate and can either be read from cover to cover using a scroll bar at the bottom, or the user can make selections from a table of contents or a gallery view of photos.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

Photo By zandwacht

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