Online Activities to Practice Context Clues

Besides assisting your child while reading, there are many online resources to help your child practice learning vocabulary through context clues.  When looking for good online activities make sure that they include vocabulary that will challenge your child as well as surrounding sentences that your child can build a basis for the meaning of the new word.

Online Activities to Practice Context Clues

The Longman Vocabulary Website (by Pearson Education) has three different matching activities for practicing context clues.  This activity was my top choice because it provided challenging words, along with sentences surrounding the new word in order for the child to build context.  The first and second matching sets are based on building skills by only including 2-3 sentences where the child must then figure out the meaning of the bold word based on the clues surrounding it.  The third matching set is in paragraph format more like what they would see when reading a novel.  This helps to scaffold the idea using context clues.

Word Master is also a good activity a choice.  It is set up in a gaming format, similar to hangman, where children have to guess the missing word based on the context.  Clues can be provided if a child is stumped providing more context to decipher the missing word.  There are three different levels of this activity so the child can again build their knowledge as they increase with difficulty.  It was a more engaging activity than the one mentioned above, but does not provide as much real situation practice.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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