Paired Readings with Fiction and Non-Fiction

Promoting reading at home can create a lifelong love of reading for your child.  A way to expand what type of books that they read at home can be done by combining reading both a fiction and a non-fiction/informational book that have connections and similarities between the topics, themes, or characters.  This can help to expand your child’s reading interests.  Here are some resources to assist in finding books for paired readings with fiction and non-fiction books for your home.

  • Reading Rockets has “adventure packs” that provides an informational packet for the parent that includes suggestions for a fiction and non-fiction books focusing on the same theme with additional background information and offers a variety of activities that can be done after reading the books.  This is a great resource for reading over holiday breaks or the summer.
  • Scholastic has an annotated list of paired readings including both a fiction and non-fiction book that are about the same topics for children in pre-k through 5th grade.  A brief description of the books and how they connect is provided.
  • Based on this thread on Good Reads from several teachers, you can find suggestions for books that have a  variety of connections  between fiction and information books.  Many relate to science and history.  The idea of building connections with frogs, turtles, space adventures, and Ancient Egypt can really engage young readers to learn more.

What suggestions do you have for paired readings?

Photo by:  Jay Cross

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