Phonics Apps for your Tablet

Phonics Apps for your Tablet

A popular gift this year, even for the youngest of children, seems to be a tablet computer.  Their convenience, ease of use, and ability to transport has made them very popular.  Not only can tablet computers be used for games, videos, and browsing the web, they also can be great tools for education.  This post will specifically annotate popular phonics apps for learning fun at home or on the go.  The following apps are available on iTunes for the iPad.

abc PocketPhonics is not only a phonics app, but also incorporates writing and first words.  The phonics portion of this app helps children to distinguish between the sounds that letters make (as we sing out ABC’s) and how they may make different sounds when we blend them into words.  As the app speaks to the child, they will choose the letter that makes that sound to then build the word.  There are also parental modifications for parents to be able to set content focus onto areas where their children needs more practice time.  Parents can also register their child’s account and follow along their progress online.  It is also adaptable for classroom and teacher use.

Mr. Phonics, a British YouTube sensation, has turned his popular phonics videos into a condensed app.  The app version of his video doesn’t require that the user have a connection to the Internet so it is easy to use from any location.  His videos are cute, clever, and definitely will keep your child engaged in learning.  You can also subscribe to his YouTube Chanel with a large variety of learning videos for children.  Keep in mind, since Mr. Phonics is from England, he does have a British accent and there may be a slight variation of pronunciation of a few words.

Sound Beginnings is the most popular phonics app in the App Store and it is free.  It is a game based phonics app where children can practice phonics skills, reading, matching the beginning, middle, and end sounds of a word, and lowercase and uppercase letters.  Children match the sounds to the pictures or the pictures to the sounds within the game environment.  The pictures are realistic and engaging to help your child to practice learning their phonics skills.

What apps do you like to use with your young learners at home and on the go?

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