Picture Books – Summer Story Selections

Picture Books - Summer Story Selections

Photo by: Denise Krebs

Summer Story Selections

Picture books are fun reading for all ages.  Despite being called “picture books”, they actually offer both great illustrations as well as engaging stories.  Many times. the stories even involve repetition or rhyme, which is great for early readers.

Picture Books

One great summer picture book is Just One More by Jennifer Hansen Rolli.  This is a new story that just came out about a little girl named Ruby who always just wants “one more” — including ice cream scoops.  She learns the lesson that sometimes one is just enough.

Another great summer picture book is Daddies Catching Firelifes by Harriet Ziefert.  This is a lift-flap book about the great relationship between dads and their children and all of the amazing things that dads do.  The pictures are watercolor and a great for younger children with the peek-a-boo style flaps and provide a great beginning reader a memorable story to read with Daddy.

Another popular beach summer read is At the Beach by Anne and Harlow Rockewell.  An updated version of this book was just released last month.  The story is about a girl and her typical day at the beach building sand castles and chasing the birds.  It is a simple story that many children can relate to from personal experience..

What are your children’s favorite summertime picture books?  Check back next week for more summer story selections – tween favorite.

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