Plastic Easter Egg Reading Activities

Plastic Easter eggs are on sale everywhere this time of year, but there are many uses for them year-round. .  While they are great for a scavenger hunt and storing candy for Easter baskets, they are also an excellent learning tool.  There are many reading activities that you can do with your children to incorporate reading skills practice activities with colorful plastic Easter eggs.

Word Families

One activity that you can do is have your child build word families.  Word families have similar word patterns or letter combinations.  For example:  hat and cat.  Here is a resource for the word families and the words that are associated with them.  On one half of the egg, you write the beginning letter(s) of a word and on the other half of the egg you write the ending of the word family. Your child can then piece together the halves of the plastic Easter eggs to build different words similar to this example.

Practice Recognition of Capital and Lowercase Letters

Another activity you can do with plastic Easter eggs is to practice recognition of capital and lowercase letters.  On one half of the egg you write the capital of a letter and on the other half you write the lowercase of the same letter.  They then have to match the two together.

Plastic Easter Eggs as Storage

A fun activity for older children is to use the plastic Easter eggs as storage for small everyday items. You can use different size eggs to include a variety of objects. The items will then be used for your child to write a story.  Have them open one egg and, then based on that item, begin to write the story. Every few minutes have them open another egg and add it into the story plot with the last egg having to be used to tie up the story conclusion.

What fun reading activities can you think of that you can do with your children?

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