The Players: World Cup Reading

World Cup fever is in the air this summer.  Everyone is talking about the sport of soccer, the countries playing, and the players themselves.  Children who are enjoyed watching the World Cup will like reading these books based on some famous soccer players throughout the years. (And they will be reading biographies – a genre that many children tend to avoid.)

  • Stars of the World Cup by Illugi Jokulsson – 28 of the best players from the 2014 World Cup are featured in this book.  It offers both pictures of the players on the field and information on their playing skills.
  • Hope Solo: My Story (Young Readers’ Edition) by Hope Solo – Abridged from Solo’s own autobiography into a book for children, this book deals with the life of Hope both on and off the field.
  • The World’s Greatest Soccer Players! by Jason Lucas – Your child will like reading about the best soccer players to play the game in this fun 34 page book.
  • Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo by John Albert Torres – From childhood to becoming an famous soccer player, this book follows the life of this famous player.
  • On the Field with Mia Hamm by Matt Christopher – Probably one of the most famous women’s soccer players, Mia Hamm is a favorite of young girls around the world.  This book focuses on her career from college sports career through her current life.
  • Lionel Messi: The Ultimate Fan Book by Mike Perez – Named FIFA’s World Player of the Year more than once, Messi one of the greatest current soccer stars.  This book has all the information your child could possibly want about this amazing player.

Your children will be inspired by the lives of these exciting soccer players.  If they enjoy reading about the players of the World Cup, they will also like reading about the World Cup itself which we will discuss in the next World Cup series post.  So ask your child who his favorite soccer player is and find a book about that player for them to read.  What soccer star would your child want to read about?

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