Poetry: Act Out Poems

Poetry is a writing form that easily lends itself to creative expression.  Poets use poetry to give us a vivid mental picture of whatever topic they choose to write about.  One fun activity to do with poetry is to let your children act out the poems that they read.  Obviously not every poem will work for this, but there are many poems that are extremely fun to act out.

Act Out Main Ideas

Start by talking with your child about each line or stanza of the poem that you choose.  Don’t feel like there needs to be a motion for each word.  Instead just choose an action or motion for each new thought or action in the poem.  You could also just pick an action for each line.

Practice Acting It Out

Your child will probably enjoy reading the poem with motions so take advantage of that.  Have them read the poem several times while doing the motions.  Not only will your child think it’s fun, but they will be practicing their oral reading as well!

Fun Poems to Act Out

This is a great rainy day activity that will get your children moving as they respond to the poetry that they have been reading and learning about.  What are your favorite poems to act out with your children?

Photo by: Vancouver Film School

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