Poetry: Painting a Picture

Poetry can be described as using words to paint a picture for the reader.  Poets try to choose vivid words so that we as readers can see a picture in our minds.  Children can relate to some poems by painting the picture that the poem puts into their minds.

Colorful Poems for Pictures

The best poems for painting pictures with are the ones that deal with colors or scenery in some way.  These are the easiest poems for children to base art on.  Here are some poems that are filled with colorful and descriptive images to paint or draw a picture of.

  • “The Rainbow” by Christina Rossetti
  • “Where Go the Boats?” by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • “What is Pink?” by Christina Rossetti
  • “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost

Poetry Art Projects

There are many other art-related projects you can have your children do based on the poems they are reading.  Here are just a few ideas to go with some specific poems.

  • “Block City” by Robert Louis Stevenson – Have your child cut out block shapes from brown or tan paper.  Glue the shapes onto a piece of white paper to form a block city.  Once the glue has dried, your child can then color or draw the background scene for their block town.
  • “Four Seasons” by Cecil Frances Alexander – Fold a white piece of paper in half and then in half again.  When you unfold the paper, you should end up with four sections.  Let your child use each section to illustrate a different stanza from the poem.  (Each stanza in the poem describes a different season.)
  • Seasonal Poetry Ideas – Fall poems could be accompanied by leaf rubbings.  If you are reading poems about winter, your children could make paper snowflakes to hang in the windows or from the ceiling.  You could press flowers and then use them to decorate the sides of spring poems.

Whatever method you choose, art is a great way to really get your children to think about and respond to the poetry they are reading and learning about.  Plus, they will think that they are just having fun (not learning)!

What other poems would make good art projects?

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