Poetry: Reading Out Loud

Poetry has a lyrical beautiful sound to it when it is read out loud.  Your child may love reading poetry out loud without any special strategies, but just in case they don’t, here are some ways that you can make reading poetry more fun.

Hold a Poetry Reading

Tell your children that they are going to put on a poetry reading for you as parents.  Give them set times to practice reading one or two poems of their choice out loud.  They could even make posters with the time and date of the reading as well as the titles of the poems being read.  When the time comes for the poetry reading, make it special for them.  Give them a pretend microphone to hold, arrange the chairs like an audience, clap after each reading, and really encourage their improving reading skills.

Use Different Voices

Kids get a huge kick out of reading or speaking in different voices.  They will laugh and laugh if they are told to read in a deep, manly voice or a squeaky mouse voice.  This technique will work especially well if it is related to the poem in some way.  Are they reading a poem like “The Tyger” by William Blake?  Have them read in a growling voice.  Does a poem have multiple characters?  They could have each character speak in a different voice.

Make sure your children know that reading out loud is important, even with poetry.  Listen to their reading.  Encourage them to keep practicing and praise them when they read well.  Let them laugh when the voices are funny.  Pretty soon they will be looking forward to the next time you tell them to read a poem out loud!

How do you encourage your children to read poetry out loud?

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