Poetry Writing Activities: Poetry4Kids and ReadWriteThink

Poetry Writing Activities

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Poetry Writing Activities

Inspired by reading such a wide variety of poems, your child may be interested in penning their own poems.  There are so many different types of poetry that children can learn to write, beyond just rhyming couplets.  There are also many online resources to help you and your child get started.


Poetry4Kids is a great starting point.  This online guide provides information on how to write poetry, how to make your poems silly, help in choosing a topic for your poem, as well as how to make a poem rhyme.  All of the most popular forms of poetry for children are also included like haiku, limerick, cinquain, free verse, shape, and acrostic.

Shape and acrostic poems would be easier for younger children.  For an acrostic poem, you write a word down vertically and then use the first letter of each line to write a phrase about the idea.  Shape poems are in the shape of the idea of the poem.  For example, if a poem was about summer, you poem may be in the shape of sunglasses.  Besides practicing writing and reading skills, these poems are also a piece of artwork and can be hung in your house.


ReadWriteThink is another great online resource to help your child write poetry.  They have online videos and interactive elements to help learn about and craft poetry.  This is great for upper-elementary aged children and older.

What types of poetry do you write with your children?  How do you display their hard work?

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