Practice at Home

Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are the reading components that you should focus on when helping your struggling or dyslexic child.  Phonemic awareness includes helping your child to “hear” the spoken word.  One great way to practice this skill is by reading books with rhymes in them like Dr. Seuss books.  Stress the sounds the words make as you read them aloud.  Phonics includes understanding the relationship between the spoken and written words.  This would be taking the words that are being read, understanding the phonemic awareness and then having the ability to connect it to its actual spelling.

Practice at Home

Fluency is the ability read text accurately and quickly.  You should have your child practice reading high-interest passages aloud to you.  You could even have them record themselves reading to then review their strengths and weaknesses.  This skill can also be further developed by having them hear fluent readers either through listening to audiobooks or by you reading aloud to them.   Vocabulary is the words that your child must know to effectively communicate.  Exposure is key when learning vocabulary.  Different ways to expose your child to more words would be to have them read articles in various children magazines on different topics (National Geographic for Kids, Time for Kids, Zoobook).  You could also play various games that involve building words like Scrabble and Boggle.  Allow them to use a dictionary to help them create higher-level words.

Comprehension is the ability to understand what they have just read.  Providing your child with a variety of types of text to read will help them to gain exposure to different topics, genres, and points of view.  Give them time to reflect or share with you what they have learned.  This sharing allows them to show you that they comprehend what they are reading.  If you are reading along together, you can demonstrate good reading, by asking questions and making predictions as what will come next as you are you are reading.

All of these skills will help your child to become more confident and successful readers.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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