Practice Worksheets & Workbooks for Capitalization Skills at Home

practice worksheets for capitalization

Continuing with our series on capitalization, you can provide support at home for your child to learn and practice capitalization skills by using worksheets or workbook pages.  While they provide rote instruction and repetition, this is actually a very good way for children to practice.  Having your child to learn about the skill and then practice by answer questions provides opportunities to see a variety of different examples.  While this might not necessarily be the most engaging or fun activity for your child, it will help your child to practice the skills needed.

Practice Worksheets for Capitalization

The Home Schooling Ideas website has several of worksheets for practicing a combination of capitalization skills.  The answers are also provided on the website.  Here are additional worksheets incorporating instruction as well as practice on words and words in context that should be capitalized.  Fact Monster provides a “cheat sheet” online that can help children to use as a reference sheet to determine if a word should begin with a capital letter.  This could be used in reference when they are completing homework, writing an essay or book report, or even to help them play the learning games that are covered in the next paragraph.

Beyond online worksheets, workbooks can also provide meaningful practice for your child on the topic of capitalization.  This is something that you may want to start by asking your child’s teacher if they have any resources they can provide in addition to the classroom assignments to help your child practice this important skill.  In addition, there are books that you can find at your local bookstore or online bookstores.  They have books that cover capitalization, punctuation, along with additional grammar skills.  Popular workbooks include the Summer Bridge series and Professor Grammar’s Punctuation Packets. 

Stay tuned for the next post in the series on capitalization incorporating hands-on and online activities for practice.

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