Reading Activities for National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month.  This is a great time to be “crafty” with your children while providing fun learning experiences.  Crafting is an excellent way to incorporate reading activities.  Based on the books that your child is reading at home or even in school, you can design crafting projects that help enhance their comprehension and long-term retention of the concepts they learn through the story.  Picture books are a great way to make the connection between reading and crafting as many picture books lend themselves to great crafting activities.

Reading Activities for National Craft Month

All children (even teens) love to read and be read picture books.  The concepts and stories told in picture books span much beyond preschool and early elementary days.  The writing elements are also typically written at a much higher level that young child can read on their own, lending themselves to be good stories to read with all children.  In addition, important concepts like sharing, anti-bullying, cross-curriculum non-fiction, and even historical and cultural tales are told.  These books are great to read and combine crafting activities.  The crafts may be simple such as a drawing of the story setting or character or more complex such as a shoebox diorama. Here is a great list of different picture books you can read with your children, for all ages.

There are many online resources that include specific ideas on craft activities to pair with picture books that you may be reading at home.  If you are a Pinterest user, you can search “craft activities with picture books” and you will get many resources and links including titles of books along with crafting activities (and directions) that can be paired with those books.  Since Dr. Seuss’ birthday just passed, you will find many activities related to his stories.

While the First School website is technically a pre-school website, they have a very extensive list of picture books along with related craft activities.  These crafts and books can be fun for all ages.  This website is well organized by theme and book titles.  In addition, appropriate beginning ages to introduce the book and brief summary are provided.  For the crafting activities, there are specific directions provided along with the materials that you would need to complete the craft including anything you may need to print out from online.  The comprehensive nature and ease of this site make it a great resource for home learning and crafting.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

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