Reading Around the World

The International Children’s Library website has free digital stories for children ranging from age three through thirteen enabling reading around the world. The kid friendly website allows children to pick stories by their age, topic, length, awards, ratings, and even by the color of the cover of the book.   However, in this database of books, language is the top priority. Since this is an online international library, there are books written in more than 50 languages! Some books even have two languages in them to help support the reading development and comprehension of bilingual children. For an English speaking/reading child, there are over 450 books in the collection.

In addition to reading around the world, this is also a great website to expand exposure to cultural diversity. It may be the first time that a child would have access to reading a book in their mother tongue or it may be a way to explore different cultures. Even though a child may not be able to read the books written in a foreign language, they can see how the language is written and make comparisons to their own. They may also be able to do a picture walk where they can look at the pictures and tell their own story of what they think it might say written in the foreign language.

What other international sources for online books do you know of? Please feel free to comment and share below.

Photo by: Peter Morville

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