Reading Bingo

A fun game that I have been playing recently with my daughter is reading bingo. This idea was suggested by our local library to help encourage summer reading and to prevent the summer slide. The summer slide refers to the slip in learning gains that happens over the summer when children aren’t in school.

With reading bingo, you setup a bingo card with reading goals in each square that you would like your child to achieve, for example reading for 20 minutes, read a magazine, or read a poem aloud. After they fill in all of the bingo spots in a row, column, or diagonal, they earn a treat or privilege.   It is a great family activity since you can adapt the squares to the level, age, or ability of each child individually. You can even set goals as a family for reading.

There are many online example of reading bingo cards like this one from Scholastic or this one from the Mom it Forward blog. You can even start from a blank template and then make your own bingo cards. Treats and privileges can help to motivate your child to read more as well as explore reading options outside of their comfort zone. Treats and privileges could include a trip to the library or bookstore, a special healthy treat or meal, or a small trinket or sticker. You can definitely be creative based on your child’s age and interests.

What goals will you setup for your child for reading this summer?

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