Reading Comprehension Activities that Incorporate Writing (day 3)

As your child gets older is it important for your child to not only verbalize their understanding of a story, but also to write down their findings.  This is important for a child to be able to write a book report, an essay, to answer teacher-created comprehension questions, or written reflections on a book.

Reading Comprehension Activities that Incorporate Writing (day 3)

To start, you can have your child fill out graphic organizers.  Graphic organizers are picture representations that help to organize ideas.  They help children to build a structure around their ideas.  Story maps, sequence charts, and KWL charts, are all examples of graphic organizers to use with child.  Here are additional examples of graphic organizers that you can create at home.

Additional written activities include Book in a Day and Strategy Log.  With Book in a Day, your child will write down the book and chapter that they are reading.  They will write a chapter summary of the important ideas in order.  They will also include the three most important parts, why they are important, and key vocabulary and definitions.  Keeping this diary for every chapter will help a child to reflect and provide you with a written way to view if their comprehension is on par. The strategy log incorporates pre-reading strategies which includes making predictions, making connections to the story based on their prior knowledge, writing a summary, writing down questions they may have based on the reading, incorporating vocabulary they didn’t know previously, and visualization strategies.

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