Reading Comprehension Strategies

Assisting your child to learn to read is a very important responsibility as a parent.  You child will learn their letters, phonics, phonemic awareness, and eventually be able to combine the letters to build words and words to build sentences.  It is important to know that while your child may be able to read the words and build the sentences, you should also incorporate reading comprehension activities and questions to ensure that they understand what you are reading together or what they may be reading independently.  Teachers provide a foundation of skills in the classroom, but it the extra effort at home that encourages children to excel.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Easy to Incorporate Reading Comprehension Activities (day 1)

Some of the activities to assess reading comprehension are very straight forward and easy to incorporate while you are reading with your child or over dinner table conversation.  Ask the child to explain a passage or paragraph in their own words.  If your child does not understand the meaning, you can have your child re-read the text.  Sometimes, re-reading a paragraph a little bit slower spending more time on the words will be all it takes to comprehend.

Another way is to help your child by building prior knowledge.  This would include trying to make connections based on the child’s previous experiences or possibly other books that they may have read.  This is an activity that you can do during pre-reading or while reading.

After they have read a chapter, specific section, or complete story, it is also important for your child to summarize the content..    You should be looking for them to be able to succinctly tell you able characters, the setting, the problem, and the solution.

Here is a link to a visual poster of reading comprehension strategies that can come in handy at home for your child to visualize steps for reading comprehension.

Reading Curriculum and Reading Games by Smart Tutor

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