Reading Games and Activities on the Road

Reading Games and Activities on the Road

Reading Games and Activities on the Road

If you are on the road heading to a vacation destination, a fun reading game to play is the license plate game.  While you are driving, you try to see how many different state license plates that you can see on your travels.  To keep track, you can use this handy sheet.  If you want to reuse the paper, you could use a plastic sheet protector over the top and a dry erase marker to tally off all of the license plates.

“I’m Going on a Picnic” Reading Games

Another game you can play while on the road is called “I’m Going on a Picnic.”  Each person takes a turn saying what they would bring on their imaginary picnic while each item has to start with a letter from the alphabet in order.  For example the first person might say apple, since it starts with “A” and the next person might say a blanket since it starts with “B.”  Each person takes a turn while going through the alphabet and adds with items you would take to a picnic.  To make this reading game more challenging for older children, you can add stipulations such as the items have to be a specific color or have a specific number of syllables in the word.

What other reading games do you play with your children while you are on the road?

Check back next week for reading games that are great, no matter your location or where you are waiting with your children.

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