Reading Responses with Discussion

Children need to respond to what they are reading in some way.  In our last post, we listed some ways that children can use art to further their reading experience.  Another great way to encourage children to respond to reading is through discussion.

Discussion about Plot Events

Ask your child to tell you the main things that happened in the story.  Encourage them to do their best to keep them events in the order they happened.  If you have read the story, you could also give two events and ask you child to tell you which event occurred first in the story.

Discussion about Character Traits

Talk with your child about different traits shown by the characters. (You can find a list of common character traits at Discuss how the characters showed the traits through both their actions and their words.  This can also lead to an encouraging discussion about the character traits you want your child to show in his life.

Discussion about Choices

Life is all about choices and the lives of book characters are full of choices.  Talk with your child about the choices that the characters made, both good and bad.  Discuss why a choice was a smart choice or a foolish choice.  You could then go on to have a discussion about how the book would have changed if a character had made a different decision along the way.

Having discussions with your child about the books they are reading opens the door for some interesting conversations.  While talking about the story, you may find yourself also talking about the character traits and wise decision making you would like to see in your child.  In the next post in this series, we will list some ways to use drama to respond to reading.

What questions do you ask your children about what they are reading?

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