Reading Responses with Drama

Children love dramatic play of all types.  They like to dress up, play pretend, and act out movies and stories.  You can use the natural drama of a child to allow them opportunities to respond to reading instead of using art or discussions.

Dress like a Book Character

Children who enjoy drama will like to dress up as their favorite character in the story they read.  Let them choose both the character and the clothes they need to complete the costume.  Encourage them to act like the character as well when they are wearing the costume.  Talk about how the character acted in the book and whether their actions were right or wrong.

Act out a Favorite Part

Instead of just talking about your child’s favorite part of the book, have them act it out for you.  They can be all the characters in their drama if they want, or they may want you to play one of the parts.  They may even choose to rewrite their favorite part as a scene from a play that you can both read your lines from.

Put on a Puppet Show

Use a cardboard box with a hole cut in the side to make a homemade puppet show theater.  Your child can then make a puppet for each of the characters in the story.  Have them put on a puppet show and encourage them to summarize the book by including the beginning, problem, middle, solution, and end of the story.

Record an Advertisement

If your child like the book, have him write an advertisement for the book.  Let them include the plot of the book up to a suspenseful event leaving the listeners eager to finish the story.  They can also include a recommendation of who would enjoy this book.  After practicing a few times, you could even record the advertisement and post it on or show it to friends and family.

Different types of drama are fun ways for your child to respond to what they read. In the next post, we will talk about various ways children can use writing to respond to reading.

What types of dramatic play do you use when teaching your children?

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