Reading Responses with Writing

It is important for children to respond to reading in some way.  It helps them enjoy the story more and allows you as parents to be sure that they are understanding what they are reading.  They can respond to reading in different ways including art, discussions, and dramatic play.  Another interesting way to respond to reading is by writing about the story.

Writing to the Author

Have your child write a letter to the author of the book he just finished.  They can tell the author whether or not they liked the book.  They could also think of some questions to ask the author.  If the author of the book is still living, you could mail the letter.  (This is also a fun way to practice correct letter writing form.)

Writing Favorite Quotes

Get a large sheet of white paper.  Have your child choose their favorite quotes, sentences, or even words from the book and write them all over the poster.  For even more fun, let your child use colored pencils or markers.  They could write each quote or word in a different color.

Write an Alternate Ending

Pick a point right before the main problem of the story is solved.  Brainstorm with your child about different solutions the characters could have chosen to fix the problem.  Then have your child start from that point on and rewrite the ending of the story using a solution of their choice.  (This is especially good if you feel like your child didn’t enjoy the book as much as other books.)

Responding to reading can be fun and exciting.  It doesn’t have to be just writing another book report or giving an oral book review.  All the examples in this series are opportunities to show children that reading and even responding to reading can be fun and enjoyable.  How do you make reading responses fun for your children?

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