Reading Skills and Summer Movies

We struggle every year with keeping our children’s reading skills up while they are off for the summer.  This year, try combining reading skills and summer movies to keep their skills sharp while maintaing the spirit of summer fun!

Every summer, Regal Entertainment Group (Movies) offers two movies a week on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings for only $1.00. These are previously released movies that are geared for younger children. This is a great opportunity for parents and grandparents to take their (grand)children to see movies for a discounted rate for some summer fun… and to combine reading skills with summer movies! The great thing about these movies is you can always find a way to tie them into learning experiences before and after the movie. Children can read, research, and learn about settings, time periods, animals, or historical significance of the movies to help build their knowledge and understanding.

For example, the June 10th $1.00 movie was the more recent production of Annie. Before going to see the new version of the movie, you could watch the original movie or the musical. To tie in reading skills, there are many renditions for all ages of the musical written as books, or actually reading the script. Maybe you could even act out a few scenes with your children! Exposure to reading scripts is a fun way to encourage children to read over the summer. In the beginning of the script, there are also details that help to understand the setting of the story including the topics of orphanages and the Great Depression. These topics could be discussed and read about before and after the movie to create greater meaning to watching the movie.

What other suggestions can you share to tie in the dollar movies this summer to fun learning and reading experiences?

Photo by:  Bruce Fingerhood

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