Reinforcing the Concepts of Style, Tone, and Point of View at Home (Part 4 of 4)

The style of a story is how the author uses different language within the story. has a list of the different types of styles that children will see in fiction stories that include examples. This site is designed for parents or older children, but will give you the basic information needed to help your younger child to determine the style of the story they are reading.  Reinforcing the Concepts of Style, Tone, and Point of View at Home can help children learn about these concepts while they’re young.

The tone is the voice that the author uses when they are writing. Sometimes this concept can be confusing for a child as it is similar to mood. However, remind them that mood is how the story made them feel, and tone is how the author’s writing impacts the audience. You can use the same list that I provided in the last post about mood as it also includes vocabulary to use to distinguish the type of tone in a story. This concept might be harder for younger learners, but could again be taught through different examples. For example, how does your child know when you are serious, upset, happy, or silly? They determine this by the tone of your voice. So, they have to think of how the author is using the tone to convey their meaning.

The point of view is from whomever is narrating the story and the information that they provide in the story. provides descriptions of the various points of view in literature. Reading a variety of picture books with different points of view can be used to reinforce this concept. Here is a list of picture books and their point of view to help give you a variety of selection.

What other ways do you know to reinforce the ideas of the elements of literature at home?

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