School Summer Reading Suggestions

Summer Reading

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School Summer Reading Strategies

During the summer months, students ,  if they do not continue with reading and reinforcing skills.   This is commonly referred to as the “summer slide.”  It is important to find ways that you can encourage and engage your child in reading over the summer.

One way children can practice reading is by using the school’s suggested online reading programs that were used during the school year.  While this is a good supplement and can provide directed comprehension and vocabulary skills, it should not be their only exposure to reading during the summer.

Summer Reading of Novels

In addition, many schools require students to complete summer reading of novels.  They may provide a list of books to choose from and then after reading the books, your child then must complete a book report or project based upon he story.  It is important for you to help your child in this selection of what they can read so that they choose a high quality book that challenges their reading level as well as it being something that they are interested in reading.  This may help in spurring interest in reading similar books on the same topic, by the same author, or in the same genre.

Five Finger Test

When choosing a book from the list, go to the library or the book store.  Pick a random page in the book and have them read it aloud.  If they are struggling with more than 5 words on the page, then the book is too challenging for them to read independently.  This is commonly referred to as the “five finger test.”  If they read it perfectly, it is too easy. Choose a book challenges but does not frustrate your child.

How do you encourage your child to complete school required summer reading and make it enjoyable?

Look back for more posts on this series on summer reading strategies over the coming weeks.

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