Sight Words Activities to Practice at Home – Part II

Sight Words Activities to Practice at Home

Continuing with our Sight Words series on activities to learn at home, here are some additional sites to visit to learn about Sight Words:

Sight Words Activities from I Can Teach My Child

The website has a very informative article including many different activities you can do at home with your child to help them support their development of learning sight words.  This whole website is actually devoted to the parents being the first “teacher” for their child and different activities that you can do at home to develop learning in all academic and social areas.

Some of the activities suggested include a multi-sensory approach where the child is kinesthetically involved in the learning process.  Different crafting materials like yarn, glue, wax sticks, and shaving cream are used in activities for children learn to write the word, say the word, and “feel” the word they are learning.  Another activity that was suggested was to make hopscotch using sight words.

Scholastic Tips for Teaching Sight Words

Scholastic also has a very informative article written by a kindergarten teacher about teaching sight words to your child.  This site includes ways to teach your child sight words through music, word walls, games, writing, reading, and manipulatives.  While these ideas are originally intended for teachers, they are easily adaptable for home use.

Free Videos for Sight Words

YouTube is a great resource to find music videos about sight words for use at home.  I found a great set of 18 videos created by HaveFunTeaching.  The videos set the sight words to music and song and include stories and illustrations.  They are quite catchy and would be fun to watch with your child.  Additional activities and songs are available on their website for a small fee.

Other Tips for Home

Creating a word wall at home is also easily adaptable.  This website has step-by-step directions on creating a word wall at home and how to keep it organized and useful to aid your child’s sight word learning.

Creating a supportive print-rich environment at home will help your child to be successful at developing their vocabulary skills through sight word activities.

If you missed the first part of this series, read here at Activities to Help your Child Learn Sight Words.

Written by Laura VanHellemont

Photo by Terence Gilheany

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