Social Media & Online Connections to Reading

Social Media & Online Connections to Reading

Good Reads

In my classroom, reading and technology is integrated through the use of the website GoodReads.  This is a popular social media website that kids over the age of 13 (or younger with parent supervision) and adults use to share their experiences of books that they have read recently.  This is something that can also be used at home or for a book club or even just to keep track of the books your child has read over time.

On the site,  you can update what book you are currently reading, what books have been read, as well as search for books you would like to read based on books friends have read or suggestions made through the program.  You can rate books, write reviews, read reviews, or even start online reading groups.  The possibilities of connections are really endless.  This brings a social interaction connection point and the ability to think critically about the concepts in a book.  It has truly engaged all levels of students to share and express their ideas about specific books and has taken reading to a whole new level within the school. I see this as a great opportunity for students to use the website outside of school as well.

Book Adventure

For younger children, there are other online resources that they can use to track books, research good books to read, or even to take online comprehension quizzes about books they have read.  Book Adventure is one of these popular online resources for kids.  They can create a free account and then are able to use all the resources the site has to offer at their appropriate grade and age level.  It is a child-friendly website where they earn prizes upon completing quizzes and earning the required number of points.  While this site does not have a social aspect for sharing experiences, it is a great resource to get your kids active online with connection to their reading.

What online resources do you use to encourage your child to be social about reading online?

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