Social Media and Reading for Kids: Bookopolis

Social media is a great way to encourage children to read by building a virtual library and social presence about what they have read, are reading, and would like to read.  Bookopolis is a children’s version of a social media reading website that is similar to the popular site, Good Reads.  However, Bookpolis is “COPPA kid safe certified” which means that it meets specific online safety and privacy rules to protect children.  This includes providing appropriate book selections and restriction of language within the site that is safe for elementary and middle school students as well as providing safety measures to protect their personal data.

On Bookopolis, kids can create their safe profile, edit book preferences and invite their friends to follow their “World”.  When editing book preferences, kids can add books that they have read, are reading now, or would like to read.  They can find suggestions for books by checking out their friends “worlds”, getting suggestions sent from friends, or using the new book ideas like that including searching for bookopolis picks, award winners, what readers like, or based upon grade level.  Summaries and reviews are provided on each book to give your child a better idea before selecting this as the book they would like to read.  Your child can also recommend books to their friends.  Once they find a book that they are interested in reading, a link is provided to find local libraries where you could “borrow” the book from, if it isn’t available in your child’s school library.

One of the extrinsic motivators is that the more that they read and use the program, the more badges they earn.  The badges are used to encourage them to read more and can be seen by their friends on their “my progress bar”.  In addition, they can add ratings and review books that they have read.  They can log what they have been reading.   Kids may ask teacher permission to use this digital log  instead of the reading log that they typically complete for class.

How can your child use Bookpolois to build their love of reading and develop their readings kills?

Photo by:  Smart Tutor, LLC

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