The Sport of Soccer: World Cup Reading

The sport of soccer is a popular topic this summer.  Everyone is watching and talking about the World Cup.  If your child enjoyed watching the World Cup games this year, then they will probably enjoy reading about soccer as well.  You will score a goal with some of these books about the sport of soccer.

Soccer Books for Young Children

Even little children will enjoy being a part of the fun with these soccer books designed just for them.

  • Franklin Plays the Game by Paulette Bourgeois – Children love the popular Franklin the turtle series.  In this book, Franklin not only plays soccer, but also learns that you can have fun even if you don’t win.
  • Give it to Joe! by Martin Waddell – Written specifically for children learning to read, this book is the story of a player trying to score in the last minutes of the World Cup finals.
  • Froggy Plays Soccer by Jonathan London – Froggy has one rule to remember – No Hands!  Can he remember the rule and help his team win the game?

Fiction Soccer Books

Here are some fun soccer books that may inspire your children to have their own soccer adventure with their friends!

  • Soccer Sam by Jean Marzollo – Sam’s cousin teaches him and his friends to play soccer in this engaging book.
  • Soccer on Sunday by Mary Pope Osbourne – This Magic Tree House book finds Jack and Annie in Mexico with a boy who dreams of becoming a world famous soccer player.
  • Soccer Scoop by Matt Christopher – The first in a series of soccer themed novels, this book focuses on Mac, a goalie for his school team.  Children who enjoy this story will like being able to follow the team through more adventures in the series.

Nonfiction Soccer Books

It is often difficult to entice children to read nonfiction books. However if a child is interested in soccer, you may be able to convince them to read more about the sport with these fun and informative books.

  • The Everything Kids’ Soccer Book by Deborah Crisfield – This fun book focuses on training for soccer while including details about the World Cup and famous soccer players.
  • Everything Soccer by Blake Hoena and Omar Gonzalez – Included in the pages of this book are colorful diagrams, graphs, and maps all dealing with the sport of soccer.
  • Soccer by Hugh Hornby – Part of the DK Eyewitness Books series, this book is full of full color illustrations about both the sport and the players involved.  It also comes with a clip art cd for your child to use.

These soccer books will be a hit with any child who is interested in the World Cup or soccer in general. If you need more book ideas, has a list of soccer books for children of all ages.  In the next World Cup post, we will focus on the countries that play in the World Cup.  What is your child’s favorite soccer book?

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