SQ3R Method – Read & Recite

After surveying and questioning, you should have your child read the text.  This should not only include the words organized into paragraphs on the page, but also the highlighted text and any diagrams or pictures that help them to visualize the text or provide examples.  While reading, they should be looking for the self-made questions and as they find them, they should write down the answers that they find.  If your child comes to information that they do not understand, you should have them read it again, slower, trying to use context clues to determine meaning.  Then, you can check for understanding.

SQ3R Method – Read & Recite

Reciting is completed after reading.  Reciting includes having your child summarize the important facts of what they have just read.  This could be done aloud as a conversation with you or by reviewing the information they completed about their questions as they were reading.  By reading the text, reciting the information they learned, and writing down the information, they are much more likely to understand and retain the information in the textbook.

If there are any further questions, you feel you cannot answer accurately; you should have your child write them down so that they can ask their teacher for more assistance during school.

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