SQ3R Method – Review

Reviewing is an ongoing progress.  Many skills that your child will learn throughout school build upon earlier skills that they learn.  If they are able to master and remember those previous skills, it makes learning the new skill easier.

SQ3R Method – Review

It is important for your child to review the material they are learning every night.  This makes preparing for assessments/tests less stressful.  Using the flash cards and reviewing the text are great ways to help your child to master the content.  Making these activities into games may help as well.  Try to see how fast or how many questions your child can get right with the flash cards each time you review them.  Have them look at a diagram and explain it to you.  These culminating activities will help your child to retain the information that they have learned.

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Article By Laura VanHellemont

Photo By will ockenden

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