Summer Fun at the Library

Summer Fun at the Library

The second part in our summer reading strategies series is about having fun learning and reading at the library.  Going to the library is a great way to spend those stormy or blistering hot summer days.  Many libraries around the country offer free and fairly extensive summer reading and activity programs.  My local library offers a summer kick off to reading as well as a variety of summer programs for children 3 months through high school that incorporate story time, reading challenges, as well as other fun summer activities.

Library Story Time

For younger kids, there are usually story times where you can go in with your child and have the librarian or guest author read a story to the kids.  Parents are often fearful that their child will not be attentive, but the readers are usually very engaging and aware of short attention spans of young children. For upper-elementary aged kids, there may be a child-independent story time that includes activities that connect to the story that they read on their own.  Tweens usually have a reading challenge sponsored by the library that based on the number of books they’ve read, they can be entered into a drawing for prizes including gift cards.

Pick Books to Read While at the Library

In addition to all of the fun activities and story time, libraries offer a quiet and friendly environment for children to pick books to read while at the library as well as to take a few home.  It is also good place for parents and children to get suggestions of good books for kids to read.  Making time to go to the library helps to model the importance of reading for your child.

What type of summer activities does your local library offer?

Look back for more posts on this series on summer reading strategies over the coming weeks.

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