Summer Reading Programs for Children

A child’s ability to read improves through practice.  Students read often during the school year whether in class or as homework or maybe even for fun.  However during the lazy days of summer, it can be easy to let your child’s reading slip away.  Fortunately you can find many fun summer reading programs that will motivate your child to keep reading throughout the summer.

Check Your Local Library

Most libraries have a summer reading program that starts in June or July.  The library in my town allows each child to independently track how many books or pages he reads.  When he brings in the completed sheet, he earns prizes for his reading.  Of course every library is different, but most children’s departments will have some kind of program to encourage summer reading.

Earn a Free Book at Barnes & Noble

This summer Barnes & Noble is letting each child choose a free book to keep.  All a child has to do is read eight books over the course of the summer.  Simply download their reading journal, print it, and fill it out with your child.  Bring the completed journal into a Barnes & Noble store and pick out a free book!

Challenge Your Own Child

You can make summer reading fun and exciting for your own child by giving them a challenge.  Print off a list of places to read, set a goal of reading a certain number of books, or complete a bingo sheet for different genres.  The benefit of running your own summer reading program is that you can choose the rewards yourself.  It could be something as little as a toy from the dollar store or a bigger prize such as a museum or zoo visit.

The thought of constantly reminding your child to read during the summer may seem as overwhelming to you as it does to me.  But if you turn the chore into a fun summer reading challenge complete with prizes and rewards, it will make the whole summer reading process a little easier for both you and your children.

How else do you keep your children motivated and reading during the summer?

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