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Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader by using the Epic Library App (4 of 4)

When supporting your struggling beginning reader at home, technology can be a great starting point to build interest in reading.  Whether on a tablet or on a computer, technology can be a big motivator to children to grasp beginning reading concepts.  There is a popular reading app, Epic, that is motivating elementary-aged children to read. Epic is a reading e-library that is available on

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Phonics Apps for your Tablet

A popular gift this year, even for the youngest of children, seems to be a tablet computer.  Their convenience, ease of use, and ability to transport has made them very popular.  Not only can tablet computers be used for games, videos, and browsing the web, they also can be great tools for education.  This post will specifically annotate popular phonics apps for learning fun

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Apps to find Great Books for Your Children

Continuing on our series on your parent app toolbox for reading, there are several high-quality apps that help parents and children to choose high-quality level appropriate books for home reading. Level it Books is an inexpensive app where you can scan the ISBN number of a book to retrieve vital information about that book including the grade level equivalent, guided reading rate and DRA

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