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Reinforcing the Concepts of Characterization, Conflict and Mood at Home (Part 3 of 4)

Characterization includes the traits of how the characters develop within the story. Reinforcing the Concepts of Characterization, Conflict and Mood at home can help create a life long love of reading in your children. While your child is reading a story you can ask them how a character has changed or what has happened in to the character. Here is very engaging video of

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Studying Character Traits

A main skill taught in reading classes is the ability to understand characters in books and stories.  There are four main aspects to studying character: character traits, character development, character’s words, and character’s actions.  Understanding basic character traits allows your child to understand the motives of the characters in books and the decisions they make. Define Common Character Traits Before your child can assign

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Studying Character with Young Children

Children who are just learning to read can still study characters in a simplified form.  They can still focus on character traits, types of characters, and the dialogue of characters.  All of these skills are just as important for young readers to learn and practice. Simple Character Traits When you are just starting to teach children about character traits, stick to the simple traits

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