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Elements of Literature (Part 1 of 4)

As your child is reading a story, whether for pleasure or for school, it is important for them to be able to recognize and respond to questions about the elements of literature. Elements of literature include plot, theme, setting, characterization, conflict, mood, style, tone, and point of view. This series will cover the different elements of literature and activities that you can do at

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Studying Types of Characters

In our last post on studying characters, we discussed the importance of learning about character traits.  Characters in books can also be classifying into types in two ways.  They can be sorted by how much information the author gives about the character and by whether or not the character changes throughout the story.  Children need to understand the difference between these types of characters

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Studying Character through Dialogue

So far in this series, we have talked about studying character traits and their meanings and identifying the different types of characters in a story.  An author uses the dialogue in a story to tell us things about the characters.  When studying character, it is helpful to focus on the words of the characters in the story.  Both the words of the character you

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Reading Responses with Art

When a child reads a book whether it is fiction or nonfiction, they should respond to what they have read in some way.  A fun way to respond to is through art.  Children will look forward to the pleasure of completing a fun project after they have finished a book or story. Painting the Setting Have your child describe the setting of the book.

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