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Fairy Tales: Comparing and Contrasting

Fairy tales are made up stories written for children that usually include magic of some sort.  You have probably heard of many fairy tales: Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, the Three Little Pigs, Snow White, etc.  Children love to hear these stories again and again. Because fairy tales have so many similarities, they are perfect to practice comparing and contrasting different stories. Comparisons between

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Studying an Author

Completing an author study is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the books your child is reading.  An author study involves reading several books by the same author and then learning about the author’s life as well.  It is a little more work than just letting your children read, but the benefits are worth the extra work. Choose an Author While their are

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Compare Books and Movies

These days, many of the movies being produced are based on popular children and teen books.  These movies provide a great opportunity to teach your child how to compare different media forms.  After all, a book and a movie tell the exact same story in very different ways.  By both reading the book and watching the movie with your child, you can have an

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