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Strategies for Reading Unknown Words

As your child grows as a reader, it will be common for them to come across words that they don’t already know. When this happens, the tendency on the part of a fluent reader (like a parent) is to simply say the word for the child and allow them to keep reading. However, always giving them the unknown word does not help your child

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Using Context to Build Vocabulary | Reading Tips

A child’s vocabulary grows as they read more and more books.  However simply reading harder and harder books will not necessarily increase a child’s vocabulary.  Vocabulary involves understanding and being able to use a new word.  A child can read a word and not understand it at all.  Teaching a child to use the context the word is in can help them figure out

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Building Vocabulary by Reading

A child’s strong vocabulary can be a great help to him during both his time in school and his life in general.  In a nutshell, vocabulary indicates how many words a child can both understand and use.  Children build vocabulary naturally by hearing other people talk around him.  However, over time your child will need to add to his vocabulary in other ways as

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Finding the Theme of a Book

Every novel has an overarching theme: a message that the author is trying to get across.  It can be very challenging for children to learn how to identify the theme of a book. Here are some ways that you can make identifying a theme easier. List Common Book Themes Start with a list of common book themes.  Spend a few days talking about those

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