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Choosing Books Based on the Three Purposes of Writing

Three Purposes of Writing Every author writes with one of three purposes of writing in mind.  He either writes to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.  Most children tend to choose books that entertain – novels, comic books, etc.  However, it is helpful to at least introduce your child to reading materials that can inform or persuade as well.  But how do you do

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Make Reading Enjoyable for your Child

How many times have you heard your child complain about having to read? Do you hear things like – “Reading is boring,” “I just don’t like to read,” or “I don’t want to read”?  It can be hard to get your child interested in reading, but it can be done. Here are some tips to show your child that reading can be more than

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Using Reading Contests to Encourage Independent Reading

The more a child practices reading, the better they will become.  However, many children will not choose to read in their free time.  A reading contest is a great way to encourage them to read outside school! What are Reading Contests? Reading contests are fun competitions designed to encourage children to read on their own.  They track their individual reading activity for a certain

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