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Advanced Readers: Best Book Lists

One of the ways to help your advanced reader choose books that are appropriate for their age and level is to conduct research of books lists online. There are many great resources geared toward advanced readers to provide books that are both challenging and rewarding.  By using best book lists for advanced readers, you can find books that motivate your children. If you do

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Real Reading: Historical Fiction (4 of 4)

Real Reading: Historical Fiction (4 of 4) Historical Fiction novels are stories where the plot or setting is set in the past. Typically, the books are historically accurate with facts, but the story line is fictional or may have fictional components. Historical fiction as a genre makes it easy to lend itself to the idea of building text-to-self and text-to-world content at home with

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How to Implement Summer Reading at Home

Summer Reading Strategies – How to Implement Summer Reading at Home It is very important to set aside time for children to read over the summer months.  Even if you are on the road or your schedule is more relaxed, it is important to set aside a portion of each day for your child to read.  Some may find it easier to designate a

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Historical Fiction | Children’s Literature Genres

In my previous post in the series on literature genres, I discussed the characteristics of realistic fiction.  Another interesting genre for children to read is historical fiction.  Children will love reading about the adventures of characters during times past, and they may even learn a little history in the process! Historical Fiction Characteristics In some ways, historical fiction can be similar to realistic fiction. 

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