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Advanced Readers – Using eBooks

eBooks are a great way for children to have access to a wide variety of books at their fingertips. Many libraries have growing libraries of eBooks as well as having accessibility to even more books through various apps and services. This post will provide you with the information to help you help your child to get started with borrowing and buying eBooks. Advanced readers

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The Best Balance for Advanced Readers

When you Google the term “reading”, you may notice that all of the top hits are about reading remediation and how to help the struggling reader. However, this is not the only challenge that parents could have with their children and the process of learning to read. Some children are amazing readers, but it is still important to support and assist in book choice

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Ways to Keep Children Reading

Many times we as parents are willing to work to keep our children reading during the summer.  We know that it is important for them to read outside of school.  However, once school starts again we get busy.  Homeschooling all day or after school homework takes up our time, and we let the reading time slip away.  Here are some ways that you can

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Summer Fun at the Library

Summer Fun at the Library The second part in our summer reading strategies series is about having fun learning and reading at the library.  Going to the library is a great way to spend those stormy or blistering hot summer days.  Many libraries around the country offer free and fairly extensive summer reading and activity programs.  My local library offers a summer kick off

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Choosing Books Based on the Three Purposes of Writing

Three Purposes of Writing Every author writes with one of three purposes of writing in mind.  He either writes to persuade, to inform, or to entertain.  Most children tend to choose books that entertain – novels, comic books, etc.  However, it is helpful to at least introduce your child to reading materials that can inform or persuade as well.  But how do you do

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Summer Reading Tips

As the school year comes to a close and summer is just around the corner, it is important for children to continue learning, even though they are not in school.  One way to help build upon their gains from the previous school year is by encouraging your children to continue to read over the summer.  This will prevent what teachers refer to as the

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