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Finding the Best Balance for your Advanced Reader: Broadening their Horizon

In this series, you have learned a lot about how to encourage and help your advanced reader grow and flourish with their reading skills. Books lists, eBooks, and a variety of tips have been presented. In one of those tips from the second post in this series on books lists, I encouraged you to help your reader to expand their horizons by trying to

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Advanced Readers: Best Book Lists

One of the ways to help your advanced reader choose books that are appropriate for their age and level is to conduct research of books lists online. There are many great resources geared toward advanced readers to provide books that are both challenging and rewarding.  By using best book lists for advanced readers, you can find books that motivate your children. If you do

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Real Reading: Non-Fiction Connections (3 of 4)

Reading non-fiction in the classroom is on the rise due to the increased emphasis on non-fiction reading and analysis in Common Core. Common Core emphasizes that it is an important skill for college and career readiness since that is what adults are reading and analyzing for work. However, in the past children were typically exposed to reading primarily fiction stories in school. To create non-fiction

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Understanding the Movie Gravity through Reading

With the release of the movie Gravity for purchase and rental to watch at home, many families may choose it for the weekend family movie.  There are a few things you should keep in mind when renting this for family movie night.  First, there is some adult language and one graphic scene that you may consider to be inappropriate for your child. However, this

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