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Fun Sources for Nonfiction Reading

As adults, most of us read nonfiction on a regular basis.  We read the newspaper or magazines. We look up information online or read our favorite blogs.  But when we think of children being required to read nonfiction, we tend to picture long boring books without any pictures.  In reality, there are many, many sources of interesting nonfiction out there for our children to

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The Importance of Nonfiction Text Features

We all know that our children should be reading at least some nonfiction.  Maybe they like to read books on their favorite sports stars, look at magazine articles from Highlights or Scholastic News, or research animals online.  No matter what form your child’s nonfiction reading takes, a key to understanding nonfiction is the ability to recognize common text features. What are Text Features? Nonfiction

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Literature Genres: Nonfiction Reading for Children

Parents and children alike often avoid choosing nonfiction books to read.  They are seen as boring and uninteresting.  But not all nonfiction books are boring!  The key is finding a subject that your child is interested in and reading books about that subject.  Does your child like to play outside?  Then find books about plants or animals.  Does your child like to use cars

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Why Nonfiction Reading is Important

I think I could safely say that most kids would choose a fiction book over a nonfiction book on any given day.  I can’t blame them.  After all, most of the books on my reading list are fiction.  However, we need to encourage our children to read nonfiction books as well for several reasons. Nonfiction Reading Prepares Children Junior high, high school, and college

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