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Helping your Struggling Beginning Reader through Explicit Instruction (2 of 4)

Children can struggle when learning to read for many reasons.  There may be an underlying disability like dyslexia, a hearing or vision impairment, or difficulty focusing.  Other issues may arise from the lack of early reading experience.  However, even children who don’t have a diagnosed disability and had many early reading experiences may still struggle to learn how to read.  Helping your Struggling Beginning

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Help for Struggling Readers: Part 1 (Phonics)

One of the primary reasons that children don’t enjoy reading is because reading can be very hard.  A child that struggles to read the words on the page cannot fully immerse himself in the story and therefore cannot truly enjoy the story.  If your child is struggling to read individual words, there are some ways that you can help. Stretch Out the Words Stretching

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Magic Reading Fingers

Children need practice reading out loud on a regular basis.  They need to read passages over and over to gain fluency (the ability to read smoothly).  However, reading out loud is often tricky for new readers and can quickly become a chore.  To add a little interest to reading time, you should try giving your child a magic reading finger. What are Magic Reading

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Phonics Apps for your Tablet

A popular gift this year, even for the youngest of children, seems to be a tablet computer.  Their convenience, ease of use, and ability to transport has made them very popular.  Not only can tablet computers be used for games, videos, and browsing the web, they also can be great tools for education.  This post will specifically annotate popular phonics apps for learning fun

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