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Improve Reading with “Picture Walks”

Many children need some help over the summer to improve their reading abilities or to keep them from slipping (the summer slide).  You can help your children improve reading with “Picture Walks”. A “picture walk” is a pre-reading strategy that is great for children of all ages. Children preview the book they are about to read from cover to cover asking the 5 w’s

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Advanced Readers: Best Book Lists

One of the ways to help your advanced reader choose books that are appropriate for their age and level is to conduct research of books lists online. There are many great resources geared toward advanced readers to provide books that are both challenging and rewarding.  By using best book lists for advanced readers, you can find books that motivate your children. If you do

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Picture Books – Summer Story Selections

Summer Story Selections Picture books are fun reading for all ages.  Despite being called “picture books”, they actually offer both great illustrations as well as engaging stories.  Many times. the stories even involve repetition or rhyme, which is great for early readers. Picture Books One great summer picture book is Just One More by Jennifer Hansen Rolli.  This is a new story that just

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